5 Quick Tips for the Aspiring Content Writer

Content Writing Tips

The post of a content writer is a relatively new job profile in India but is growing fast. The term first cropped up somewhere in the early 00s, with the Internet and e-commerce well and truly arrived in India. The world of SEO and content writing has well and truly evolved. My favorite anecdote of Black Hat SEO is when Britney Spears was a popular search term. Someone typed her name in an invisible font – white over white – in what was essentially a tech blog. Worth a laugh now.  Back then it was Black Hat SEO that could have your site land in the dumpster section of Google.

The audience has changed as well. Back then, a content writer could get away by writing fluff pieces.  The Internet was new and people logged in for ‘tips’. We have written articles giving tips for buying toasters.  I personally wrote thirty articles about egg timers. Today people come to look for information. They want it quick and fast, so quick that articles these have become ‘long reads’.  So, without making this already long article longer, I am sharing five tips that make you a better content writer and solopreneur.

  • Install Grammarly and Use It

Do it if you haven’t already, at least start using the free version. For someone like me who has written articles worth TBs of space, Grammarly keeps my workplace all raring and ready to go with this realtime Grammar checker and mild admonishments about my writing style. If you want to pep up your writing style and your writing experience, install Grammarly.  I find the tool incredibly useful not just for the Grammar checker it has, it’s a very good data storage as well. The app, as well as the website, allows you to store your articles on their server in a manner that will please every writer, unlike that other app that has you flounder around in the folders section.

  • Get on those Facebook Groups

Yes, those groups are full of scammers. Some of them pay 10 paise per word. Yes, the groups are full of scammers. But how will you learn what’s a scam and what’s not unless you make an informed decision and get out of it? How will you know which niche is paying 10 paise and which one is 50? So, get in on those groups, maybe laugh at the job postings, but get on with those groups.

  • List Yourself on Google Business

It’s a stupidly simple way of getting your name out there and you should do it. Google Business searches are what end up on the screen when someone searches terms like ‘freelance writing services and others. It’s incredibly simple and it’s more of a place holder for your brand online, but do it, do it and do it.  I am noticing a surge in my search listings since the lockdown, but I haven’t got any new clients, so I wonder if I was doing something wrong. Anyway, anything is better is than nothing, and I got anything. Soon, I may end up with something. I will keep you posted.

  • Get a paid e-mail ID:

If you don’t have a professional e-mail ID by now, you are too late for the party. But the good news is that you can get one for a low, low amount of something under a thousand rupees in India. For example, Rediff gives one for cheap.

  • Start Your Website:

If you are a content writer, you are looking forward to being a blogger, if a blogger, you are dreaming of being a digital marketer, so on and so forth. The only way you can do this is by setting up your website and maintaining it. It could be anything, like even this one, where I give out my content writing tips. It could be about the movies, the weather, cars, anything. But making your website will mean that you have a profile and you also low-key learn the basics of digital marketing (like ensuring that you need to run through the hoops and select the date your Google Ads will stop running).

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