5 Simple Ways You Can Impress Clients Without Working For Free

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I will do it for free – these are the five words that denigrate an entire industry – whichever it is. Unfortunately, during the pandemic and even before that, I see several people willing to work for free. I do not know what their gameplan is.  Do they promise to work for free and then try to wheedle out money from the client? Do they plan to just leave that ‘I will work for free’ comment there for giggles? I have no idea. I understand that some might be looking to make a portfolio, but I can’t wait for them to figure out that they don’t need a client to show their skills. Maybe they don’t like the idea of setting up one of those free blogs with a .something. But there are several other free and economic ways to get your creativity out there. Want to know them, read this list.

Create a Memes Page on Facebook

Free, simple, and quick to show your creative and humorous side. It’s quick because you have several apps that allow you to make memes out of templates. It’s also fun because you get quick redemption – if you stuff’s interesting, people will share it and you become popular in a frenzy.

Don’t believe me, check out my memes page here. I don’t work on this site at all – maybe once in a month, but look at the people enjoying the stuff and you’ll understand why I tell you to create a Memes page on Facebook.  Work on such a project and I can tell you from experience, the adulation you get with good stuff is incredible.

Creating a memes page like this immediately allows you to add ‘creative writer’ on your profile. It also makes you a ‘social media manager’.  Of course, I wasn’t as lazy as I am when I started out with this page and learned several aspects of social media marketing with this one. Once this works, you will also learn a bit about ‘boosting posts’.  Facebook boosts are available for as less as 500 rupees for 5 days. You gotta learn these things somewhere, so it’s better you own the project instead of working ‘free’ for someone.

Create a YouTube Channel

Another free tool that allows you to get your voice out there – about anything that you would want to. Whether you want to be a movie blogger, a fashion blogger, a makeup blogger, someone who reviews books, drama, whatever. You have a phone, buy a Boya mic – that should be good enough to begin – and you have your YouTube Channel.

What you learn doing this is handling a YouTube channel, stuff like uploading the video, titling the video, adding the cards to the video, etc. Earlier, you needed to know Adobe Premiere (Something I suggest everyone in this world do) but now you have inbuilt editing software. You will also get experience writing a script of your own that’s shooting ready, setting up a shoot, etc. Basically, if you do it right, you will learn exactly what you would if you interned at an Internet media company.

I don’t have a YouTube channel, but check out what my brother and his kid are doing with the Mac:

Have a very happening Twitter Account

The cool kids have an Instagram account and the coolest kids have a Twitter account. Twitter is a great platform for getting yourself out. You need to be witty, effective, and well, all out for networking if you want to be a Twitter success. What happens with your Twitter success? You never know. In the era of influencers, where people are paid to promote products via their accounts, you never know. And yes, if you want more tips like this, please follow me on Twitter.

Make an Ezinearticles.com Profile

If you are in the business of creating content, you should know EzineArticles. This is an old website that follows article marketing, something we used to do before SMM and SMO was a thing. While I am not sure how strong it is in SEO today, but it works wonders if you want to make a professional-looking portfolio for free. It’s a fun activity as well, and you learn a lot from the editing process. There are badges to be had, things to unlocks and I think they also have programs wherein you complete tasks and get cute little pens, pads, etc. I have one, I don’t use it, you can see my body of work here.

Make Your Website

No, it’s not very expensive. No, it is not difficult. It was expensive a few years ago when you’d need to pay around 4000 rupees per year and around 1000 rupees for the domain. I run this website on Vaporhost, and I have nothing but good things to say about the domain manager – cheap, sustainable, and consistent hosting.  Once you do begin, you learn a lot and become 2.0 ready. If the site works, it forces you to learn Analytics, Google Ads, etc. And I mean it in a good way.

These are the five ways in which you can make an impact online and create your portfolio. All of these require minimal investment or none at all. Though, there’s one aspect I’d like to point out. Whatever you do, make sure that it’s the best version of what it could be in the given scenario and resources.  If you have too many side-projects out there, maybe you are spreading yourself too thin. Or make it a point to present your best projects to prospective clients.

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