MLM Marketing Won’t Work For You, Here’s Why

MLM Marketing ads are making social media platforms burst at the seams. With the pandemic rendering many people out of a job, several are looking for some quick jobs. With words that might seduce the most informed people, MLM marketing ads are gaining a lot of traction. MLM isn’t new. I have attended at least one MLM meet in the early 2000s. Every five years, I come across someone peddling it to me or the public at large. When I was younger, even I thought MLM will work for me. I never seriously thought about it, my instinct told me I couldn’t do it. Today, finally, I can put in words why I think MLM Marketing won’t work for you. Here’s why:

To get it out of the way here’s what an MLM scheme is, to begin with. An MLM scheme ad begins with telling you that you can make money with no investment and if you have the ‘will to win’. It actually translates into buying stuff from them, using it, and then convincing others to buy their products. Once you convince that person and they become members of the circle, you get a commission on what they buy. The cycle goes on and on.

At the end of the day, you will meet people who are no longer selling the product, but selling tapes and literature that promises to make you a magnetic personality – so you can convince people to listen to you and buy those products. I am not joking, if you get into the system, you will find people going ga-ga over people who have convinced others to get into the system, and not going ga-ga about the quality of the product that the company makes.

Everyone knows an MLM Marketing Gig that went bust:

Do you think you are the only one who got approached? Tough luck. Every middle-class metro resident knows at least one MLM marketing gig that went bust and one Insurance agent gig that went bust. So, they have a preconceived notion about the gig that you have for them, and you can’t do anything about it.

All Said And Done, The Prices Are Still Not Competitive:

The idea of MLM marketing is to do away with the middle-man and stop commissions being charged on both sides. But when you look at the cost of the products of an MLM, they are almost the same as the top quality, middle rack, available-on-a-discount product at a supermarket. It is humanly impossible to wean a family away from a product they have used since generations – and forget about it if the option costs almost the same. It’s not going to happen, so don’t try. End of story.

Humans Love Shopping Experience:

Whatever it is, we can’t do away with the experience of visiting the malls, looking at the various products, see which one is better and which one is a better offer, buying that one, the whole jig. It’s not for nothing that the flea markets and the supermarkets are chock full at all times. People want to buy, it’s just that some need to arrange money to do it and some already have it. So, unless you offer a cutting edge product at a great discount, you will have a minimal crowd calling you up for your products. And even post that, they will go to the supermarket and check the prices and then get back to you. That’s the way the buying mentality works, and you can’t change it.

These are simple and concrete reasons why MLM schemes don’t work in the urban parts of India. They might work in some areas, where the bigger brands aren’t available, or there might be social reasons why people can’t buy a particular product, but in an urban metro – stay away.

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